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My introduction to healing was the concept of “recovery”. I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I am a recovering sex and love addict. I am a recovering codependent. I am a recovering food addict. I am a suicide survivor. As I’m sure you have gathered, I’m both a compulsive and obsessive person. There are very few things in life that I naturally know how to do in a balanced or healthy manner. 

But the gift of my inability to live life normally is that it forced me to work on myself in a way that most people never have to. And in doing so, I came to know myself in such a deep and meaningful way that I could find peace and comfort no matter what my outside circumstances looked like. I expanded my exploration to include spirituality, self-discipline, human connection, and healing in every aspect of my personal health. I learned and now teach others how to nurture themselves physically, settle down mentally, open up emotionally, seek spiritually and connect energetically. Everything that I teach comes from my own personal experiences, and I continue to strive to practice these skills in my own my life. I am extremely excited about the content that I share with others because it profoundly changed my life, and I hope that it can do the same for you.

My work with animals began in 2020 when an abused and abandoned German Shepherd named Thunder was dropped off on my doorstep.  He was extremely reactive and I had no idea how to rehabilitate a dog in his condition, but I immediately fell in love and knew that I needed to help him. Because of Thunder I began learning how to work with dogs. After nine months of building trust and changing behavior with Thunder, we rescued Zeus, another German Shepherd who had spent his whole life on a patio. He was abandoned and living in a kennel in the back of a drug house when we got to him. Once Zeus was trained and rehabilitated, we rescued Lola, a young Pit Bull who had been left in the desert.

My fiancé and I realized the joy and fulfillment that comes from rescuing and rehabilitating dogs. Even though we had three of our own, we decided to start fostering and training dogs whose behavioral issues were preventing them from getting adopted. The following year I started connecting with rescue programs and visiting shelters and kennels to offer help to dogs without owners. This work inspired me to begin taking on private clients and to training professionally.

What I realize now is that my passion is facilitating healing, understanding, communicating and serving. 


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